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William D. Feldman, SIOR, of Los Angeles, has spent over 40 years specializing in industrial and commercial real estate brokerage and development work. As a real estate broker, Mr. Feldman has negotiated numerous major and unique transactions. Transactions vary from the sale of the 2,000,000 square foot, 200-acre Ford Motor Assembly Plant in Pico Rivera to the Northrop Corporation for production of the B-1 Bomber to fashioning office and industrial space environments for creative young companies. During his career as a real estate broker and developer, Mr. Feldman has explored concepts outside of traditional patterns. His building projects always led the market. Buildings purchased or renovated as long as 40 years ago are appealing today. Recently, both as a developer and broker, Mr. Feldman has specialized in the adaptive reuse and retrofit of interior space, changing under-utilized commercial and industrial properties on the west side of Los Angeles into creative work and retail environments.

As a broker, Mr. Feldman acts only as an advocate for one side of a transaction. He has never felt that clients benefit from a broker’s experience when the broker acts as an intermediary or facilitator. The broker should be trusted and act as an advocate to be part of the client’s team to resolve conflicting interests solely for the benefit of the client and not the nebulous concept of a fair real estate transaction.

As an educator and lecturer, Mr. Feldman’s theme of client advocacy led him in 1988 to create for the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR), The Tenant and Landlord Representation Workshop which received the 1992 Excellence in Education Award from the American Society of Association Executives. In the year 2000, the American Industrial Real Estate Association published Mr. Feldman’s paper, Why Would A Tenant Pay His/Her Broker?

Mr. Feldman feels his current work (as in the slide show), The Trouble with Real Estate Estates, is his most thoughtful and difficult effort to date. His premise is that the nature of real estate investments and the structure of ownership entities make it very difficult to find an effective replacement for the entrepreneur who created the estate. It is not the greed or avarice of partners or heirs but the “nature of the beast” that devalues the assets and often harms the fabric of the very family that the entrepreneur hoped to bless.

Mr. Feldman is 81 years old and a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles. He is a past president of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) Educational Foundation, 1999 Recipient of the SIOR Howell Watson Distinguished Service Award, a member of the National Advisory Board of Facing History and Ourselves and is active in community and charitable affairs. Mr. Feldman has also served the City of Los Angeles and is on many non-profit boards. He is a fly fisherman, and runner, completing four marathons, including Boston and, in 1993, the Grand Canyon "Rim to Rim" run. He is married and has a blended family of seven children and eight grandchildren.

Papers written by William D. Feldman

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Why Would a Tenant Agree to Pay His/Her Broker?
WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Landlord Advocacy in a Dysfunctional Industry
WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Tenant Advocacy in a Dysfunctional Industry
WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Trouble with Real Estate Estates
WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Subleasing--How to avoid "lose/lose" situations
    Revision of the 1988 article in the "National Real Estate Investor"

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